玻璃 Muller Fres

材料 耐酸加工玻璃
流派 新艺术流派
存储 Defensa街982号
尺寸 +
高度30 cm / 11.81 in
直径30 cm / 11.81 in
设计师 / 讯息
Muller Freres

The heart of the company was formed by five brothers (Henri, Desire, Eugene, Pierre, Victor) from a glass making family who trained and worked at the Galle factory. Henri set up a decorating studio at Luneville in 1895 and was shortly joined by his brothers. Their production was predominantly cameo glass with blanks supplied by Gobeleterie Hinzelin, Croissmare. The studio sometimes used as many as six or seven different layers of colored glass, to craft their famous cameos, which were prized following similar lines to that of Galle and the Art Nouveau movement their production used nature as a decorative theme. It became the pre-eminent glass studio in France, outputting a great deal of original designs, created from a wide variety of new methods and materials. In the years leading up to the First World War their production was technically excellent and highly creative. Fluogravure stands where enamels applied to the body of the glass tubing is then heated. By the use of selective acid etching a wide range of effects could be achieved from vivid hues to subtle twilight shades. They designed cameo vases, using this production method, for Val St Lambert. They also worked with Chapelle, integrating metal and glass to create strangely kitsch flights of birds and snails amongst others. Production ceased at the start of the First World War during which Eugene was killed.