玻璃 D Argental

材料 酸蚀玻璃
流派 新艺术流派
存储 Defensa街982号
尺寸 +
高度20 cm / 7.87 in
直径9 cm / 3.54 in
设计师 / 讯息

St Louis, France – C. 1871 - 1918 Founded on the site of a glassworks in existence since 1586, and originally given the name Verrerie Royale de St Louis by decree of Louis XV. Aimé-Gabriel d'Artigues (1791-1795), Maurice Dufrène, Marcel Goupy (1920's), Jean Sala (1938-1950). Some articles are signed as "St-Louis-Münzthal", "d'Argental". Among the other more frequently encountered names in French, cameo glass available in the market today are D'Argental, Richard, and Arsall. All pieces encountered by the authors with these names are multilayered, acid-cut cameo with either floral or scenic designs. D'Argental apparently had a preference for dark pieces, particularly those with caramel-coloured backgrounds and outside layer of dark reddish-brown glass.


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